Thursday, 19 September 2013

Final Structure

Here is my final structure I decided to go for the more exotic one rather than the sci-fi one as I feel this one has more characteristic to it compared to the others. I also feel this one had more potential to create its own world with giant plants and colourful creatures.

Back Story
A little hut  made of giant leaves and a wooden foundation. Its located in the middle of an exotic island full of bright colours and mysterious creatures. The wildlife being mysterious as well along with the giant mushroom characteristics on the plants behind the hut. The island is also a floating island (much like the floating islands in Avatar).

It reminds me of Shrek's hut and I feel this piece is interesting with lots of personality to it - im overal proud of the design :). That's my summer project done for now, I lost count of how many drawings I done to get my final pieces but it could not be far off 101 :).