Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Adaptation B: Actors Reference

After refining my shapes of the characters that I want to portray I have decided to find some actors to help represent and further develop my characters. I took these actors based upon their appearance and what kind of behavior they have the first being the:

 English - Peter Rnic a thug played in Green Street. 

Irish - Geoff Bell, with the glasses reminded me of my Irish designs.

Welsh - Kristofer Hivju, Actor in Game of thrones of that being aggressive and hairy, his hair is the type of style that I wanted in my welsh character. 

Scottish -  Charles Dance, a secluded man who resemble the looks of a bird I feel.

Here are my base designs and proportions for my characters I will go in a character sheets refining them to a point where I can go in and detail them later on. 

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