Friday, 20 March 2015

@Alan Adapatation B: Final Character Sketches with corrections

Here are my completed sketches of my Welsh, Irish, English and Scottish characters, I feel that the Irish character is the strongest of the 4 so I am going to make orthos, a character bible for him to go into 3D and paint these guys up hopefully over the weekend.

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  1. Hi Ant...

    Well done, you are nearly there. You have the characters roughed out and looking good. The next stage is to clean up, fix issues, and improve the form/ flow. That means making decisions as you go on how to 'shape' your existing line work. You need to consider 'C', ' Reverse C', 'S', 'Reverse S' and straights (usually for man made objects). You also need to check volume and are a characters arms the same? See the example below...