Friday, 6 February 2015

Adaptation A: Submission Post, Making Of & Infographic

Making of..Science of Snowmen

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  1. To cut straight to the point - the weakest part of your infographic is the motion/ animation - That’s the way things arrive on/ leave the screen (whole blocks vs individual objects) and their speed /timing (movement & scaling). For example your title takes much too long to disappear, your melted snowman floats down instead of dropping, the blue grid scales slowly and linearly (from nowhere), and the diagrammatic elements (building the snowman) reveal slowly in one ‘wipe’.….So why such direct feedback? Because everything else you produced is excellent, the script, voiceover, the designs/ artwork (like these), the appeal, the tone, and ending are all spot on. It’s such a shame that in the ‘telling’ you lost control slightly (possibly by timing to the audio instead of filling the gaps?). We’ve already spoken about your drawing style in regard to 3D which I know is going to be addressed as part of your adaptation B project, however I would suggest looking ‘timing’ for animation too – again with a bit of effort you can fix this problem and be ready for year 3. For further details see me.