Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Minor: Outside Environment Art Work

As I'm currently in the early stages of modelling the character I have decided to focus some time on the environment too. These are more for modelling and production art rather than concept as I don't want the bold line within my scenes. Whilst working on this Photoshop did crash so I cant change the red light unfortunately but I might change it a later date. I wanted the autumn feel to it with the leaves falling off and the warm autumn feel to it. Also I am thinking of having fences opposite the houses or keep them as town houses im a bit unsure about that at the moment.

1 comment:

  1. Ant - I think you need to be careful here. Your house already looks like a haunted house. It can't look like a haunted house from the outside can it? Isn't the point that this is a very ordinary house? Only the interior is 'haunted' and expressionistic - because it's not 'real' in this respect. This house is too gaunt, too thin, and too Burton. This looks like a Halloween illustration in the offing. I know, I know - always with the bad news - but this isn't right at all... This is an ordinary row of houses in an ordinary street in an ordinary town... It's everywheresville - and it has to feel like that... These are lovely drawings - you always draw lovely things - but these are the wrong things, however lovely.