Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Narrative: Ideas and Thinking Time!

After being given the 'Safari' and 'A little of what you fancy does you good', we had done some brainstorming together and we have come up with a few ideas when looking at the style of animation and funny narratives that we could incorporate. We had come up with the idea of a TV production with an interview with the animals, similar to creature comforts (Vid 1). As this will be a short animation we have decided to focus on a family of animals rather than lots of different animals due to time restriction and also technical restriction :). When looking at how they are going to communicate we was thinking using speech bubbles and little illustrations showing what the animals are thinking rather than having to find a voice over artist, or using expression and body language to communicate to the audience. Similar to the Antelope in this video:

 So therefore we had started to brainstorm different animals that we would find in a  safari and different plots and story for each one and how it can be used to for our motto 'A little of what you fancy does you good', or each animal being greedy leading to a consequence in their actions. Here are a few of our ideas, any feedback is welcomed :) :

Hippo- Hippo that is on a diet as it has had too much to eat, pans over to his brother who is eating a lot of food. 

- Sees a flamingo and hallucinates and sees it as a piece of fruit or something eatable.
- Creeps up on the flamingo and eats it, showing a little of what you fancy doesn't do any harm ( unless you are the flamingo!)

Porcupine- Porcupine character eating pine cones around his family, he is looking around at the others and pulls out a pepper pot. 
- He discovers that he likes pepper on his meal, so he keeps on adding it to his meal. 
- The lid of the pepper pot falls off so there is a big pile of pepper on his pine cone.
- He breaths it in and then sneezes and his spikes all pop out and go everywhere, into his family, ( maybe killing a bird in the background? )
- Finally is left naked like a mole rat and walks away on two feet embarrassed and ashamed of his nakedness. 


- Giraffe with a neck trying to reach the tree, 
- There is another giraffe with a long neck eating all day, the journey of the little giraffe trying to reach the top and by the time he got his food, the last leaf was gone.
- Finally zooming out to reveal the long neck giraffe has fattened up .


Idea 1- Helium - Pair of elephants find a balloon in the safari from one of the children who was in the car going around. 
- They catch the balloon and play around with it, whilst finding it funny with their high pitched elephant noises. 
- They try to compete to see who can have the highest pitch, they both end up loosing their voice so they try to inhale more of the balloon and they inhale so much that they drift off like they have turned into the balloons themselves. 

Idea 2 - Water - playing fighting in the puddle that they are in, throwing water over one another. 
- One of the elephants gets annoyed, so sucks up the whole puddle turning into a huge elephant that is out of proportion and waddles away from them leaving them with no water (something along them lines) 


- A flamingo that is getting hungry decides to treat himself to a fish. 
- he is greedy for getting fish, so he jumps around his pond area catching fish like a 'wack a mole' game at a carnival. jumping from place to place head first collecting these fish in his mouth.
- Each time his mouth will get bigger and bigger for all these fish and his head becomes too heavy to balance himself and cannot lift his head up from the ground. 
- End result of him falling over and the fish escape back into the pond with the flamingo left with nothing. 


- All playing around on this car that is going through, at first it would be all happy and joyful.
- As they begin to brake the care with the windscreen wipers and the number plates etc, the car 
eventually flips and leaving a wreck that they cant play with, leaving them with nothing.

These are all the ideas of animated shorts that we have come up with so far, I am liking the porcupine, the elephant one with the helium and the flamingos these are my favourite ideas to date. I want a short animation that is both funny and gets the point across about 'A little of what you fancy does you good' and too much greed is not good. After figuring out which animal family we want to pursue with we can then start to think about character design and how we want our worlds to look.

More inspirational videos: 


  1. I really like the porcupine idea, and i dont think you necessarily need a whole family of porcupines his eyes could just be darting side to side as he wants all the pepper to himself? suggesting others are nearby
    I also like the elephant water idea but maybe it could be something other than water like a barrel of beer/ale like in dumbo where he has the hiccups and burps bubbles - within that you have an underlying message of 'drink responsibly' etc aswell

    1. Yeah depending on the time we may have more than one or may not for the porcupine :), hmmm I like the idea with the alcohol giving another message with it as well - thank you :)