Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Group Project: Take Your Fancy

Today we got our briefing for our narrative project and were assigned groups. Myself, Ruby and Candice were given:


''On safari'', instantly I thought of animals, safaris can either be in zoos in captivity or wildlife safaris in Africa in the wild where the animals are in their natural environment. Our first thoughts where to have a funny animation that can make the audience laugh and for it to be enjoyable to watch. Some inspirational videos that I have been researching when looking for a style of animation were these below. While also looking a style is important I want to look for interesting and funny narratives so the ''Rollin Safari'' videos instantly came to mind. When looking upon ''A little of what you fancy does you good'', we have discussed how this can be approached a little differently with the opposite - A lot of what you fancy does not do you any good. Therefore we will look into this when researching into ideas and narrative for our animated short. 

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