Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Fantastic Voyage: Fern Scene 01 - Update

 Here are some renders from the scene that is updated, I applied a gradient to fog colour to make it feel a bit more atmospheric but blogger seems to brighten the images in the render it is a lot darker at the bottom of the screen  (like the screen shot down below).

Overall I feel this looks a lot better with the darker atmosphere and I have included falling ember and ash particles in the scene too, now  I will focus on my Pre-Vis and getting the movement blocked out for the rest of my animation now I know how my animation is going to look visually. I have also slowed down the movement of the camera as suggested. I was thinking of maybe repositioning the fern hunched over a log or maybe covered in ashes to boost the overall survival aspect of the fern in my animation. Any suggestions or feedback is welcomed :)

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