Monday, 28 April 2014

Fantastic Voyage: Animation With Voice Over & Sfx


  1. The voice over works really well with the animation

  2. deep voice + high musical tones = great stuff :D

  3. Hi Ant :)

    So, as talked about - lose the 'cough cough' because actually the tone of your piece is deadly serious and that feels like an auditory joke/comment on the voice-over artists. You've got some glitches between scenes, which I'm sure you're aware of - some jumps between frames. Musically, while it works, it's also rather ponderous and ploddy at times, and I'd just urge you to consider some alternates if you have time. For examples of how you can keep things sombre, but also 'moving forwards' and feeling like 'something is growing/happening' - check out the music of Philip Glass - I know you can't use him, but I think it might be a useful guide in terms of hunting for something a bit more dynamic:

    (I think strings + minimalism will always give a sense of melancholy + propulsion).