Friday, 21 February 2014

Script to Screen: Script Updated

Unit 3: Storytelling and Commission - Script
The Lonely Performer
Written by 
Anthony Faulkner
Ext. Venice Scene 1, Early Afternoon. 
   PAN UP. Canal boat passes by the camera, to reveal Venice. 
   WIDE SHOT. Showing the Venice exterior with the clothes on the lines and the plants hanging from the buildings.
   CAMERA PANS UP. to reveal a poster on a wall about Anzolo the magician in the venetian theater.
INT. Scene 2, Venetian theater.
   WIDE SHOT. Showing the interior of the venetian theater, with Anzolo walking onto the stage.
   EXTREME CLOSE UP. Anzolo getting ready to perform, deep breathes and looks into the audience. 
   EXTREME CLOSE UP. Lonely guy's face in the audience having a stern expression.
   MID SHOT. Anzolo pulls out a pack of cards and shuffles them.
   EXTREME CLOSE UP. Shuffling to then picking one card out of the pack.
   MID SHOT. To reveal the card.
   EXTREME CLOSE UP. of the card Nine of Hearts.
   CAMERA ZOOMS OUT. as Anzolo is shuffling the cards.
   MID SHOT. he picks out the nine of hearts to show that its the right card.
  CAMERA ZOOMS OUT to behind the single audience member (Over the shoulder shot) you hear the person sigh of boredom.

    CLOSE UP. Anzolo turns around thinking of what to do next then he gets an idea and turns around all happy and ready to perform another trick. 
   FADES IN: Anzolo holding a trombone and a magic cloth.

CUTS TO: The lonely audience member holding a a clip board in front of his face (as if he is marking him) and slaps it into his face wanting it to be over.
 CUTS TO:  Behind Anzolo on the stage
   MID SHOT. Anzolo puts the trombone on the floor and covers it with his cloth, he starts to wave his hands and magic comes from them onto the cloth.
  MID SHOT. Showing the magic around the cloth. 
   CLOSE UP. of the single audience member as he leans in his seat in surprise and smiles at the musician.
   CLOSE UP. Archy looking annoyed
   CAMERA PANS DOWN. to his clenched fists, he then waves his hands creating magic lighting going towards the trombone player.
   CAMERA PANS. with the lighting streak at the feet of the player. trombone music still in the back ground.
   MID SHOT. puff of smoke. trombone music stops.
   WIDE SHOT. to see lots of puffs of smoke on the screen and the noise gradually increases with trombone playing.
   EXTREME CLOSE UP. Anzolo's face getting really angry
   EXTREME CLOSE UP. End of trombone comes into the shot teasing Anzolo. He shouts as the trombone darts off.
   CAMERA ZOOMS OUT. to reveal Anzolo ripping his shirt and doves flying out of his chest towards the camera.
INT. Scene 3, Mental Asylum Attic, Late Afternoon.
   MID SHOT. of Anzolo sweating and exhausted with a ripped shirt on, taking an exhausted bow. 
   CLOSE UP. Doctor looking impassive, he then looks down. 
   CAMERA PANS DOWN. reveals his clip board where we see Anzolo's name on it, he then puts a red cross through it and gets up off his chair.
   MID SHOT. (Camera by the chair with Anzolo on a little wooden stage in the attic covered in white protection). Anzolo looks down towards the ground looking like he has no hope. Footsteps walking away with the doctor getting closer to the camera.
   CLOSE UP. Door opening with the doctor walking through and closes the door as we see Anzolo through the bars. 
(When the door closes) THUD. CUTS TO BLACK. 

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