Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Script to Screen: Premise, Logline and Step Outline Updated


>Would being in Isolation drive you insane?


A magician that is put in isolation because he is seen to be ‘crazy’. He wants to be a performer but he is in a constant battle with himself. Half of him wants to be a musician as a talented trombone player and the other a magician. Will he ever overcome his problems to be given the chance to perform in front of a real crowd? 
Step Outline:
>Opening shot of the blue sky in Venice when a leaf floats by the camera.
>Pans down following a leaf from the balcony when it hits the water of the canals.
>Canal boat rides over the leaf, camera pans up to follow the canal boat and then the camera zooms out as the canal boat goes down the canals and under the bridge.>Establishing shot of Venice lit brightly, very saturated colour, children laughing and washing on the lines over head with the sound of birds in the background.
> Camera cuts to children running over a bridge (close up of legs) as a leaflet flies by showing the magician show advertised. 
>Cuts to the Venetian theater where Anzolo (Magician) is on walking on stage - (Long shot)
>Close up of Anzolo's face getting ready to perform - Deep breathes.
>Cuts to show a single man in the audience with a clip board ready to mark his performance. 
> Anzolo Pulls out a pack of cards to shuffle to them and to reveal one card to the audience, shuffles them again and pulls out the one card everyone saw.
> He then throws the card into the air (Camera follows the card) 
>Zaps it with magic and it turns into a trombone
>Points his wand to the sky and spells Anzolo in a blue smoke.
>Cuts to Anzolo's Face with a grin, looks exhausted and nervous sweat running down him
>Cuts to the lone guy in the audience who doesn't look amused. 
>Anzolo looks like his is thinking of what to do, puts the trombone on the ground and reveals a cloth and places over the cards, waves his hands and reveals a person playing the trombone.
>Anzolo looks shocked as to what has happened.
>Guy in the audience leans forward in his seat as the trombone player plays.
>Anzolo looks angry and frustrated so starts to try and zap the trombone player but with each zap creates a different person, one a juggler, one a clown, and other circus performers. 
>Cuts to Anzolo's face in anger and frustration to reveal his final trick. 
> Cuts the guy in the audience who looks curious in what he is doing. 
>He then rips his shirt to reveal doves flying towards to camera until the screen turns white. 
>Cuts the asylum room zooming out of the white padded walls.
>Cuts to Anzolo sweating and ripped clothes and exhausted, giving a little bow. 
>Cuts to a doctor that is sitting there in a chair looking with an impassive reaction on his face. 
>Close up of the check board with Anzolo's name on it, puts a red cross. 
>Gets up and walks out the room with Anzolo in the background on a little wooden stage in an attic of an asylum (Camera following the doctor)
>until we reach a door, the doctor opens the door and close it.
>We then have the last shot of behind the closed bars door. 
> As the Thud happens of the door closes the screen turns black.

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