Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Secret Lairs: Progress... UV's and texturing

Finished laying out my UV's on my scene and started to texture my scene. I also increased the lighting I will go back once the textures are painted in, and then 'pump' them up a bit more and play with the contrasting oranges and blues. I was playing around with the floor and still unsure how to make it work, the plain text and puring (First one) seemed too genericlain so I decided to make a plain with a 3d texture and then used a displacement map to give it depth within the image, I think this is working better however it still needs some work. Also included using a bump map on the walls to make it feel more 'cavy' and 'rocky'.


  1. Anthony, it is looking good:) but i think may be the blue rocky texture in the middle is a bit too sharp .

    1. Hey, thanks :) yeah I thought it was a bit too much too so I took it back a little :)