Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Secret Lair: Basic Lighting Set up

Experimenting with the basic lighting set up seeing how dark I want the scene to be and seeing how the distance on the ambient occlusion node effects the scene. It seemed to of made everything mid grey at first but by increasing the distance I feel it has given the image more depth. Now onto texturing and I can tweak the lighting later on when I am texturing. I had a pink light source under my font in my concept art but I'm not 100% sure how I would do this, so I will experiment with that later on. Any advice for this scene would be great :).


  1. you need to press the Suspiria button - i.e. think about light-sources not connected with the light-sources on set that might lift the scene further; for example - more orange light strafing the floor from a light source 'screen left' - if this was a photoshop image, you'd be making these additions instinctively to make the scene go 'pop!' - so I suggest you now think like a concept artist again and bring out the theatre of this scene :) Be bold (you can always turn a light off if things get too disco!)

    1. Yeah I will do, I'll come in and adjust the lighting when I'm doing the texturing, I think when I add the lighting on the bottom of the hero prop this will also make the scene pop more :)