Thursday, 11 February 2016

Skye: Facial Rig Update

Finally after going through the trouble that rivets had caused me I decided to change my facial rig altogether to more characterful and artistic rig and that being blendshapes but I also wanted the deformation that rivets allowed you to have. So I found a tutorial series and redone my rig, I am really happy with the overall face rig even though the trouble it had caused but the deformations are a lot nicer now and I can achieve the different expressions which I couldn't of done with the previous rig. 

After a long process of setting up the joints and the different rigs (local rigs) and sculpting the blendshapes that she needed alongside the correctives too, she is finally animatable ready! Here are just a sample of the blendshapes that I needed to create. Oh and Shapes is a really good plug in for anyone needing to do correctives and blenshaping. 

Here are some of the expressions  I managed to achieve with this rigging style: 

 And finally here is a quick video I put together showcasing the rig in its complete state.

Now onto finalising the environment block out so I can start the prevising and animation!


  1. Well done Ant - Share the link to the tutorial so everyone can benefit.

    1. It's a tutorial series which I had to pay for and then downloaded from Josh Sobel, you can find it on his webesite:

      It's a bit hard to follow as he doesnt cover everything but overall its a really good facial setup.

      but I also included techniques from the blendshape facial setup from digital tutors at:

    2. Thanks for sharing Ant - I also meant add it to your blurb in your post so its part of the explanation (crediting Josh Sobel etc) and talking about the Digital Tutors you things you added. It's all important and interesting information to share with the readers of your blog.

  2. Awesome! :) So many options, so many expressions

  3. Great work Ant! The expressions are brilliant.