Friday, 9 May 2014

Maya Check List Submission Post

Intro to Autodesk Maya

Geometry types:

Character Modelling:

Common Shaders:

UV Maps:

Character Pt 2. Texturing:

Lighting and Rendering:

Character Pt 3. Lighting and Rendering:

Pt1. Using Rigs:

Pt 2. Using motion Paths:

Pt 3. MEL:

Intro to Lighting 

Exterior Lighting - Mid day, Sunset, Romantic and Night:

Digital Set


In Progress......

Intro to Pre-Visualization

Camera Rig:

Pitch Shot:

Pan Shot:

Roll Shot:

Dolly Shot:

Crane Shot:

Contra Zoom:

Car Crash:

Camera Shake:

Tracking Shot:

Intro into Character Animation

Ball on the Spot Pt 1.

Pt 2. Travel and rotation:

Pendulum, Settle & rest:

Hanging Chain Swing:

Stretch and squash

Can Snatch Anticipation and Follow through:

Intro to Rigging:

Leg Rig and Piston rig:

Eye Rig:

Spine Rig:

Arms and Hands:

Intro to Texturing

Double Sided Shader:


Faked Rim Lights:


Fur and Presets:

Fur Hat:

Visual Effects 1: Deformers

Blend with inbetweens:

Non-Linear deformers 

Mirrored Blend Shapes:

Wire deformers

Sculpt Deformers

Summer To do list.......
  • Visual Effects 2 : Rendering layers and Compositing
  • Skinning 1 : Intro to skinning

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